What’s on MY work desk Wednesday.

So, a little birdie tells me that it’s July already. Now, there’s two reasons why that can’t possibly be true, firstly, look outside! July is a month of sun, warmth and lazy days in the garden. If you’re looking out of your window, then you must agree that it’s definitely more like a slightly warmer February or March. Secondly, July is the month of my birthday and I can promise you now that I’m definitely NOT getting any older. So you see, it’s not July. So there.

What it IS though is Wednesday, which means its time to don your nosy Parker glasses and feast your eyes over the many desks that congregate over at the lovely Julia’s Place

Here’s my desk today, taken at 5am this morning because I’m rubbish and completely forgot yesterday.



As you can see, there’s not the usual huge pile of stuff. I’ve actually got a fairly good space to work on a configurations box for cc2c.

Thank you ever so much for all the lovely messages of support, you guys are truly wonderful. See you next week.


WOYWW time again.

I know I say this every week, but sheesh where do the weeks go? It’s time again to become a nosy Parker and to ogle all the desks you can find over at the lovely Julia’s place

I’m cheating a little this week, as I’m currently writing this on Tuesday evening. Tomorrow will be more of a what’s in your kitchen Wednesday rather than what’s on your work desk Wednesday much like today was. I’m currently in the throes of a two tier cake, covered with home made marshmallow fondant. I promise pictures next week.

Anyway, last week I had me a good moan about my bridezilla and her unreasonable demands, but I’m delighted to report that I’m all done and they’re winging their way to her as we speak. Thank you for all of the lovely comments and support, it really helped perk me up.

What’s on my work desk is pretty much the remnants of the invites, plus the usual rubbish I never seem to find time to put away.




I also made good use of my new K-mix and made these Raspberry Trifle Cupcakes, vanilla sponge filled with Raspberry compote and topped with a real vanilla custard, edible glitter and sprinkles. My husband took them into work to test drive the new recipe on his colleagues, and I’m pleased to say they were a resounding success!




The black speckles are vanilla seeds, not dirt. Haha!

I think I managed to get around all of the desks last week too, yay me!

See you next week!

Organised Chaos.. WOYWW

I’m sure that Wednesday’s are popping up every fourth day lately. Surely it cannot be a whole week between them..

Here’s my desk as of ten minutes ago. It’s not exactly tidy, but it’s a darn sight better than it was!


Currently drying (on a baking tray!) are 90+ silver hearts coated in the first coat of glossy accents. Around 50 invite envelopes in the first stage of assembly, and a myriad of other crap useful items.

I’m supposed to have all 100 invites completed by the end of the month. The new delivery date was a complete surprise to be honest, and I’m not overly impressed. Surely when you’re getting something done for free, you smile and say thank you, not I need them in two weeks but you need to change EVERYTHING from what you originally agreed to do! She’s not getting married until late October! Sigh.

In brighter news, I have goodies!


I also have a brand new K-Mix stand mixer, thanks to my hubby, so I imagine my desk shots may include cakes.. Or crumbs at least! Cake making and baking in general has always been my first love so it’s wonderful to have a good excuse to get back to it. I’m sure that’s why my cake loving husband bought me the mixer!

Finally, some amazing news! My beautiful baby girl started walking! She walked the length of our living room to reach her daddy.. On Fathers day! What an amazing gift for him!
Anyhoo, head on over to Julia’s place to see lots of creative spaces.

See you next week.

Mess, mess, messy!

Oh yeah.. This is my desk!


It’s under there, I promise. I’ve been making 100 embossed wedding invites, complete with faux glass hearts. Also a birthday card. And this weeks cc2c. Still, my awesome hubby has bought me storage.. Lots and lots of new storage. Now if I could find time to build it all..

If you want to see desks infinitely better than mine, head on over to Julia’s place.

Finally, I must apologise to the recipients of my ATC’s. It seems, mentioning no names, someone forgot to pop them into the post as promised. So they only went into the post last Friday. I’m ever so sorry.

See you next week

Creatively messy.. Ahem.

So, the bank holiday weekend is over. (*insert sad face here) and the whole diamond jubilee fiasco is also over (*insert happy face here) Don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against the royal family. I’m just hugely against our government spending millions and millions to celebrate the jubilee when our country is in recession! Still, my rant is not for Wednesday reading.. Sorry! Here’s my desk..




And here’s the fabulous ATC’s I received last week. Thank you ever so much Zoe Ann and Jo I love them!


I got most of mine into the post on Friday, but I had make more and those ones will be posted today.

ATC swap for WOYWW

Wow! I can’t believe how quickly this week has come around. It’s the third anniversary of WOYWW over at the lovely Julia’s place which means its time for an ATC swap!

I have several to swap, though I’ve only photographed four to keep the rest as a surprise.





And of course, not forgetting what today is about. Here’s my desk after making ten ATC’s!




If you’d like to swap ATC’s with me, email me at Craftymonki@gmail.com

Oh what a mess!

Ah well, after two weeks of pristine desk loveliness.. Look what I went and did!




All that mess is the result of making two ATC’s and having a play around with this weeks CC2C. Actually, that odd purple box thingy in the left corner is a failed experiment for the challenge.

Anyways, I will have a few ATC’s to swap if anyone would like to swap outside of the bog swap too?

Thanks for visiting. Now head on over to Julia’s Place to visit more desks!

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