Compendium of Curiosities Challenge – Week 15

Let me start by saying I absolutely adored this weeks challenge. I truly had a great time.

As always this weeks CC2C is hosted by the amazing Linda Ledbetter. This challenge is Enamelled Metals found on page 56 of Tim’s book, compendium of curiosities II.

As is my habit now, I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Though I will blog about a couple of things I did with this tag (not Tim’s techniques, buy the book!) at a future date.














See you next week!


Compendium of Curiosities Challenge – Week 14

This weeks CC2C is Guilded Kraft Glassine found on page 39 of Tim Holtz’s compendium of curiosities II. As always, the challenge is hosted by the lovely Linda Ledbetter and this week is sponsored by the very generous folk over at The Funky Junkie Boutique

I decided to take a wee walk on the other side for this challenge, and to make something that is really different to the style I would usually take.


Both the flowers and the background piece were created using Tim’s technique. The embossed stamp image is from one of the brand new Stampers Anonymous sets, re-releasing old classics.





See you next week!

Compendium of Curiosities Challenge – Week 13

This weeks cc2c is Tim Holtz’s Spritz and Flick Technique found on page 42 of Compendium of Curiosities II. It’s also sponsored by the lovey folk over at Simon Says Stamp

Much like last week, I’ll let the pictures do the talking, though I will confess my disappointment that my stamped winged man did not photograph properly. In reality the plastic layered over the stamped image, is a fabulous 3d image. Shame I couldn’t get the camera to pick it up.

I’d also like to say how delighted I was to win last weeks challenge, over the moon doesn’t even come close. Huge thanks to the lovely Linda Ledbetter

Words aside, here’s my tag.







Compendium of Curiosities Challenge – Weeks 11 & 12

This weeks CC2C hosted by the lovely Linda Ledbetter was one that I utterly adored! So much so that I made this one, and immediately started another. The nature of this challenge though means that there isn’t much I can say about it lest I give away how to do it so I’ll stick with a million pictures and let them speak my words.























Compendium of Curiosities 2 Challenge – Week 9

This year is truly flying by, I swear I must be losing days in my sleep. Although, that would involve the baby actually letting me sleep..

It’s time again for the lovely Linda Ledbetter’s CC2C. As usual the challenge is to use one of Tim’s techniques shown in his 2nd compendium of curiosities book.

This weeks challenge is to use an Idea-ology Pocket Watch found on page 35. This weeks challenge is sponsored by the generous folks over at Simon Says Stamp

I decided to do another photo frame this week, simply because my husband loves them and I needed a gift for fathers day!


I started out by being a bit naughty and smashing the glass out of the Pocket Watch. I then filled it following Tim’s instructions.


I took some floristry wire, painted it with Silver and Pitch Black Paint Dabbers, and once dry, curled them into tight spirals. I then used hot glue to affix Idea-Ology mini Gears and game spinners. I then used hot glue to glue them into the watch.

Next, I needed to recreate the glass I has smashed out so I poured a pile of UTTE onto my craft sheet and melted it using my Heat Tool.


Once set, but still warm, I trimmed it into a tough ouch circle approximately the size of the watch and let it cool completely.


Once completely cooled, I shattered it into shards and hot glued it onto the inner edges of the watch.


I took a large scrap of paper from Tim’s Lost and Found stash (I think!) and affixed it into my frame. The frame was originally a faux gold but I painted it with Pitch Black and Silver Paint Dabbers. I then dabbed Tim’s Ransom Letters with Silver Paint Dabber and glued the words ‘Tick Tick’ onto the paper insert.

I used hot glue to glue the Watch and Key Chain into the frame.


I then glued the word ‘Boom!’ into the frame. I’m not sure exactly what I used to create these, as they were just in my stash, but I expect it was Platinum UTEE onto Grunge, with a coat of clear UTEE.

Finally I hot glued the remaining ‘glass’ shards around the frame to simulate the exploding watch.


My husband adores it, and it currently resides on his desk in his office at work.




Compendium of Curiosities 2 Challenge – Week 8

It’s Thursday again, and I’m running late again! Its time for compendium of curiosities challenge hosted by the lovely Linda Ledbetter This weeks challenge is Repurposed Packaging found on page 62 of Tim Holt’s Compendium of Curiosities 2.

This post is both text and picture heavy, so grab a drink.. And maybe a cookie..

This challenge was perfect for me because I always save anything that I might be able to utilise in crafting. Anything that might be altered, upcycled, stashed like a serial hoarder.. Well, you can guarantee it’s somewhere in my craft room, no doubt in a place that could be a risk of avalanche should I try to free it. Still.. Yay! Using crap useful saved items and freeing up space for more.. Perfect!

I decided to make roses. Oh yeah, adventurous! Let me confess, here and now, I will NEVER make these again! I wish I had decided to make something easier.. Like a scale model of the Eiffel tower or something.. Still, the end result is quite fun I think.


I’ve always loved the quote ‘God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December’ and I’ve always wanted to use it within a piece of art so thought it’d be perfect for this challenge.

I started out by painting a plastic photo frame with Gold and Pitch Black Paint Dabbers and setting it aside to dry.



Next I made several roses, some using Tim’s packaging technique and some paper and grunge. They were all cut using the Tattered Floral die, and put together using Tim’s technique from one of the 12 tags of Christmas. I also cut several leaves.







I used hot glue to make the roses. This was a huge mistake for someone as clumsy as I. Both of my thumbs now sport blisters. I’m showing the pictures for sympathy to show the dangers of hot glue. Haha!



I made a back ground for the frame by cutting floral designs from Tim’s Lost & Found paper stash, cutting them into random shapes and gluing them onto a piece of chipboard. I added a little sparkly white embossing powder into the gaps, and heat set it with my heat tool.


I affixed the background into the frame, and hot glued the packaging roses and leaves directly onto the background.


I cut a piece of grunge using the Movers & Shapers Mini Labels, painted it with Snow Cap and Pitch Black Paint Dabbers and used Pitch Black Archival Ink to stamp the sentiment ‘Roses In December’. I then gave it three coats of UTEE and once cool, inked the edges with Gold Alcohol Ink. I hot glued this directly onto the frame.


I then took the handmade grunge and paper roses and hot glued them randomly into the frame. Adding a few Prima roses to fill any gaps and add interest.





Finally I squirted a little Diamond Stickles onto my Craft Sheet and used a paint brush to dab it onto the edges of the roses.


See you next week!

Compendium of Curiosities Challenge – Week 7

So, I guess I should explain my lack of post for week six of the CC2C.. I did start the Tissue Wrap Collage. In fact I started three. I got each piece collaged and had an utter lack of creative mojo on how to finish each piece. Plus, it was sunny! The UK gets approximately 5 minutes of sun each year, so I spent most of my time outdoors. But still, I really didn’t gel with this challenge and as I was unhappy with the week before too, I decided to give it a miss and come back fresh.

This weeks challenge is Brushless Watercolour found on page 49 of Tim Holtz’s Compendium of Curiosities 2. The challenge is hosted by the lovely Linda Ledbetter and sponsored by Eclectic Paperie


As always, you’ll need to buy Tim’s book to learn the techniques, and this week I kept it very simple by only stamping a Bee onto the finished piece. I decided to do the technique on an ATC because there’s an ATC swap over at Julia’s place tomorrow.

See you next week!

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